Why Modern Manufacturing does Not Require a Factory

3D printer

Yes, you heard it right, now you can manufacture various goods without doing a lot of investment in setting up a factory. You can start turning plastic into profit immediately, and this can only be possible with the help of a 3D printer. Also referred to as additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping, the 3D printing technology, offers you a unique opportunity to manufacture any product imaginable under the sun.

Most of us link manufacturing process with production lines, factories, machine tools and economies of scale. However, this is quickly changing because of the technological advances in the world of 3D printing. Now there is no need of assembly lines, factories and tools to manufacture products. The 3D printing technology allows you to make toys, parts, tools and appliances using a wide variety of material, especially plastic and metal. There is simply no need to setup a factory and hire workforce to take care of the assembly line.

Additive Manufacturing

All you need now is a computer and a 3D printer. Once you are done making a three dimensional model of the product, you can click the print button to send it to the printer and let it take care of the manufacturing process. According to Lady 3D, 3D printers works by putting down material (plastic or metal) layer by layer in the three dimensional pattern till the desired object is formed. The printed material will look exactly the same as the original design.

The products created by using the additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping process are much lighter and stronger and are made as per the exact specifications and details. Another great thing about additive manufacturing is that the products are cheaper, since there are no overheads involved in this type of manufacturing process.

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