Celebrate Black History Month to Make African-Inspired Delicacies

Food processors are the ultimate kitchen heroes; they can slice, dice and whip dips and creams in no time. That’s the easy part for us to know, especially those of us who are Luddites when it comes to using the latest cutting-edge technologies for home and kitchen.

The food processor is one of those tools in the kitchen that can multi-task. A contemporary cook cannot live without a food processor especially with all the ingredients that need to be sliced and chopped before you can make any meal work. With a food processor, you can cut down your preparation time in half, enabling you to complete your gourmet meal stress-free. Unlike blenders, food processors utilize blades and discs that can be interchanged to suit the food type.

If you are like many people that have not used their food processors in a while, or are the ones who didn’t think it was possible to create African-themed food with it, well, fret no more – we’ll show you 5 ways you could maximize the use of your food processor to make some of the most sumptuous African-inspired recipes and desserts.

After all what’s a better way to celebrate Black History Month than whipping a batch of African specialties such as nut butters, Ethiopian kitfo, or making hummus? Let’s find out just how powerful that little food processor can be.Make Homemade Nut Or Vegetable Butters.

1. Make Homemade Nut Or Vegetable Butters.

With a food processor, you can transform butternut or pumpkin into a smooth, creamy consistency. The food processor ensures that the texture is perfect depending on the meal you intend to prepare. The pumpkin or nut butter can be used in wholesome desserts such as in oatmeal pumpkin cookies.

2. Grind Meat For Traditional African Meat Dishes.

Mincing meat for a food processor is easy. Whether salmon, or beef for a burger, food processors result in meat grinds that have a superior texture compared to the ground meat that you would typically find in a supermarket. Additionally, you can add your spices and olive oil to thee mixture to ensure that your product is moist and flavorful. Ground meats can be used to make spicy African curries, or burgers for a good old fashioned African barbecue.

3. Finely Texture Your Vegetables For Side Dishes.

With the abundance of green and leafy veggies in Africa, finding creative ways to cook and present them to your guest can be a bit difficult. However, with a food processor, you can grind veggies to whichever consistency you prefer. Carrots especially are easy to grind via a food processor. You can use the carrots for a leafy garden salad, or you can add some sweet pineapples and dates for a yummy and healthy sugary treat.

4. Make Perfect Hummus, Every Single Time.

Hummus is an Egyptian dip that is made from chickpeas and various other beans. While it won’t help with your diet, Hummus made from a food processor is better than the same version purchased from a food store. With a food processor, you can make it as light or as thick as you need it to be.

5. Grind Nuts For All Purposes The Right Way.

Food processors are by far the most convenient way to chop nuts at home. You can chop an assortment of nuts and sprinkle them over a salad or an ice cream for an enhanced flavor. And no other cuisine uses peanuts as much as African cuisines – one need only look at the nut-based soups and stews from West Africa for proof.

Your food processor is a powerful tool – it’s every kitchen’s secret weapon. Its influence, as you can plainly see at mrsfoodprep.com, in the context of modern and daily food preparation is something we should maximize. And once you impress your friends with your hummus that will soon be the talk of the town, you’ll be thankful you had one.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh and Squeaky Clean

Bathroom Cleaning TipsDon’t you hate it when you’re assigned the most difficult chore, i.e. cleaning the bathroom, every general cleaning day? It takes so long to finish that you have to endure back and arm pains for several days from having to crouch down to scrub everything.

Next time, try the following bathroom cleaning hacks so you can rapidly enjoy your favorite wine which, of course, you will find in a freshly cleaned wine cooler (check coolingwine.com if you still just simply use a refrigerator).

Do some light cleaning daily.

Every day, after showering, you should try to spend at least a few minutes to wash off any soap or shampoo buildup in the shower stall or tub. Grab a brush or sponge and wipe those away before they become too hard to scrape off. Also, after brushing your teeth, use a damp sponge to remove any toothpaste, make up, and other stains around the sink.

Use natural cleaning ingredients.

Did you know that you can make your own tile cleaning solution that is as effective as the cleaning products you find at supermarkets? With the use of various household products, you can whip up a tile cleaner in a matter minutes. As an example, you can mix together ammonia, baking soda, and white vinegar and use them on the dirty grout lines on your bathroom floor. Alternatively, you can also mix baking soda, water, and bleach in a bucket and apply the mixture on the filthy and greasy tiles to give them a sparkly clean look. If you have hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach, you can combine it with liquid soap and baking soda to transform your bathroom into an immaculate, spotless sight.

Care for your toilet.

Toilets with yellow or brown stains are disgusting. Imagine how embarrassing it is if you have guests over and they find your toilet looking like that. To avoid being seen as a person who does not care about hygiene and cleanliness, make sure that you pay attention to your toilet all the time. Brush or scrub away any stains that you see right away. At least once a week, sprinkle about a cup of baking soda into the toilet to soften any buildups. Afterwards, pour in a cup of vinegar to remove the more stubborn elements. Scrub hard to fully get rid of the stains and unpleasant odor.

Use air fresheners.

You can improve your bathroom’s ambiance by using air fresheners. You can buy some from the supermarket or make your own. If you want to go the DIY route, you can whip up your own perfume by mixing lavender oil with white vinegar and water and spraying the mixture in the room after using.

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Don’t Overlook Dental Plaque! Three Easy yet Overlooked Ways to Avoid It

Do you ever notice a buildup of a sticky, stinky, colorless (or off-white) nature in and around the crevices of your teeth? Do you see hard, unmoving deposits of an paler shade of yellow or brown nestled just behind your teeth? If so, you just might have dental plaque, or worse, when it hardens, tartar deposits. You may know these deposits as the ones that cause unbearable cavities and gum disease, which leads to gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums, or periodontitis, an inflammation of tissue around the teeth.

More than Just an Embarrassing Inconvenience

Plaque is more than just an embarrassing inconvenience; it isn’t just a sign of bad oral hygiene. Gingivitis and periodontitis, which are conditions caused by plaque, have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. This has been backed up by research made by the American Journal of Cardiology and the American Academy of Periodontology. This is the main reason that plaque and tartar should be taken head on, and not dismissed.

Brush and Floss!

Electric Toothbrush ReviewsFortunately, it has never been easier to manage plaque and tartar. Regular brushing and flossing are time-tested ways on how to manage plaque and have better oral hygiene, but sometimes, regular toothbrushes just can’t handle the rigors of plaque and tartar removal. New and technologically advanced toothbrushes have been specially designed to remove twice or thrice the plaque on your teeth; for instance, you will hardly believe that Philips has designed a toothbrush that can remove six times more plaque than a regular toothbrush. Some electric powered toothbrushes run through Bluetooth and have every sort of pressure that is fit for your teeth, you can read all about that at Toothbrush Best.

Flossing is always part of a good oral hygiene regimen as well. Remember to use floss that is suitable to your teeth; whether it be dental tape, waxed floss, or sponge floss, there just isn’t any substitute for this.

Wash your Tongue Out

Using a good mouthwash and tongue cleaner are also essentials of oral hygiene. Cleaning your tongue ensures that there are no bacteria to cause embarrassing bad breath. There are manual tongue cleaners available everywhere, which do the job just fine; still others are built-in with electric toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Black 7000 with Bluetooth, which comes with a setting for cleaning your tongue. As for mouthwash, choose one that lasts long, and cleans stains caused by coffee, tea, or tobacco. Better still, just lay off the tobacco!

Your Dentist, Your Friend>

Make sure to visit your dentist at least once a year; this way, your dental health is monitored, and your tartar buildups are kept in check. Your dentist is your partner, not your worst nightmare!

Is dental plaque as harmless as you think it is? Probably not; dental plaque is linked to certain debilitating and downright dangerous illnesses. It’s not what it wants you to believe. Being religious with your oral hygiene will prevent plaque and tartar buildup, and there is no excuse for you to not brush your teeth, given new technologies in toothbrushes that pretty much take all the work out of it for you. How hard can keeping good oral hygiene be now? There are no excuses left, just action to be taken.

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The Proven Ways to Lose Weight Slowly But Surely

If you’re aiming to lose 20lbs in a week, this post is not for you. It’s probably not going to happen; losing that much in such a short period of time might not be too healthy either. But if you’re looking for ways to become slim and fit without being too hard on yourself, read on.

Start Eating Right

The food you eat plays a big role in weight gain or weight loss – this is purely common sense and you probably know this by now. If you eat way too much than what a normal person should eat, then you will most likely gain weight. However, this doesn’t mean you should starve yourself. Start with a balanced diet – meat or fish, veggies and carbs. Eat lots of fruits too. While you can go ahead and reward yourself with a bar of chocolate every now and then or even a bag of chips once in a while, you should always give healthy foods a priority in your daily diet.

If you’re so used to having chips, sweets and other junk food in between meals, why not switch to a wheat bread sandwich, some almonds or fruits instead? Yes, you shouldn’t stop eating in between meals. You need energy to last you an entire day. Just like what most gym trainers would say, it is best to eat in small amounts every 2 or 3 hours. If you do this, your metabolism will continue functioning. If you starve yourself and eat heavy meals, your body will absorb all the fats and your digestive system will have a difficult time dealing with all that food.


Schwinn 830 TreadmillEven if you eat healthy and drink lots of water, you still need to sweat out the fat that you have in your body. If you’re in a hurry to lose weight, go ahead and enroll in a gym where a trainer can help you out. Or purchase an exercise bike and go cycling every day. It’s a great way to get your metabolism startet. If you just want a slowly but surely method, then you can settle with little exercise such as walking or running on a treadmill 30 minutes every day. Go jogging, swimming or play a sport! Before you even notice it, while you’re enjoying your daily exercise, soon you’ll see how your body has transformed and you will be proud of yourself.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s about time you quit the numerous bottles of beer on nights out. You should also stop drinking soda and fruit juices every day. Fruit juices are healthy but these contain sugar which can be retained by your body. For a change, switch to just drinking plenty of water every day. In fact, you can drink liters of water on a single day and it would be a whole lot better. Your body will be cleansed and detoxified. We are not saying though that you should stop drinking other kinds of beverages altogether. You just have to know your limit. Of course, you can still have that cup of soda as you watch a movie in the theatre. You can still have your dose of coffee to jumpstart your day. You can still enjoy that bottle of beer as you socialize with friends on a Friday night. Just make sure you make up for these other liquids by drinking plenty of water.

Referinced information:
Marie Claire
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Four Simple Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Warm Without a Heater

Bedroom Decorating

Everyone wants to enjoy the warmth in their bedroom so that they can sleep properly in the winters, especially if you have kids. The most easy and convenient option that everyone has to keep their bedroom warm, is the use of a heater. You can set whatever temperature you want through the thermostat and the bedroom will be heated accordingly. Not everyone can use a heater every time simply because they can’t afford it or they want to save up on energy bills. If you are in a situation that doesn’t allow you to use your heater, then you can utilize other methods which are just as effective. So, if you are looking to keep your bedroom warm without a heater, then look at these tips below.

  1. Keep Your Bed Warm

    Firstly, you will need to make sure that your bed remains warm before making sure that they whole room receives the warmth because without proper measures your bed can remain cold even if the room is warm. First of all, you need a proper mattress. So, ensure that you have a cozy blanket placed on your mattress because they are known to provide the most warmth while you are in the bed. You can also find some good quality warm covers for your pillow too. After having all these, you will get the warmth that you need in your bed.

  2. Open and Close Windows

    In the winters, you will need to open and close your windows depending on the situation. If the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature in the day, then you should open up your windows so that they sun rays can enter your bedroom and heat it up. When the indoor temperature is lower than the outdoor temperature, then obviously you will need to close your windows so that the warmth doesn’t go out of your bedroom. Make sure that they windows are close properly and there are no leaks.

  3. Place Carpet or Rugs

    Carpets are hard to clean but they are good at preventing the heat loss to the floor. They will remain warm as compared to the stone or wood floors that you would have. This way, you will have a warm place to walk on and you will ultimately remain warm, even when walking on the floor. If you are looking for another option, then rugs will do the job too. Having two or three small sized rugs or a big rug depending upon your bedroom will do the job.

  4. Incandescent Lamps and Candles

    An incandescent lamp releases a major part of its energy as heat, which makes it a good source for getting heat. You can light them up and use them to keep your bedroom warm while you are going to sleep. Another good option is the use of candles but make sure that you don’t leave them unattended because they are known to cause house fires. If you want to be on the safer side, then you can use and LED candle instead of using a real candle. You can use the combination of both incandescent lamps and candles if the bedroom is too cold.

  5. Keep healthy

    It’s a fact that if your blood circulation is good, your body temperature feels warmer. So, stay healthy by working out, which can be easily done at home and keep a healthy diet.

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The Underestimated Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one of the best recreational activities and it is also one of the healthiest activities as well. Leading a healthy lifestyle requires you to be indulged in a substantial amount of physical activities which is hard to some or most of us either due to the hectic routine we follow or we keep making excuses. That is why Indoor Training Bikes advises us to find a fun way to exercise that keeps our interest alive while keeping us in shape. Not only it is ecofriendly and free medium of transport, it is also an exercise one can easily adjoin into daily life. It is a low impact and less strenuous than jogging that is not possible for the people who get joint pain from running. The people who don’t have an environment where they can go cycling outside or have back problems can try exercise bikes and recumbent exercise bikes. One can enjoy watching T.V while working out on an exercise bike or do some other fun activity which makes this exercise a lot more fun.

1. Controls Weight and Thwarts Obesity

exercise bikesCycling is a great way to control or shed weight for it increases your metabolic rate which eventually burns fat. If you are specifically doing it to lose weight then you can consolidate it with a good diet plan and aim for your objective. Keep increasing the time of your session and intensity of your workout to take it to the next level.

A research suggests that a healthy person must burn around 2,000 calories per week through some form of exercise. Bicycling at a steady rate for an hour can burn 300 calories. If you bicycle twice a day or use it to get to work or somewhere else, then it will certainly save you money as well as increase your stamina.

2. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are critical and some of them are life threatening. They include high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. In order to mitigate the chance of being inflicted by such dreadful plights, you need to keep your heart in good shape which means projecting it to high intensity cardio sessions which can improve your cardiovascular functions. Regular cycling strengthens your heart which means it has to beat less to deliver the same amount of blood. This means lower resting pulse and also a reduction in blood fat levels. You can increase your cardiovascular fitness by 3-7% just be cycling your way to work.

3. Mitigates Risk of Diabetes and Cancer

The frequent occurrence of type II diabetes in the public is an indication of low physical activities and a serious concern. A research concludes that the people who cycle just 30 minutes in a day have a 40% less chance of suffering diabetes. Many researchers have studied the relationship between cycling and cancer and believe that cycling reduces the chances of cancer, especially breast and colon cancer.

4. Bone Injuries

Cycling improves balance, synchronization and strength. It also helps in preventing falls which sometimes lead to fractures. Cycling is ideal for the people who have osteoarthritis (a disease which thins your bones) because it is a low impact exercise which is not strenuous on your joints and bones.

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Woodworking Tool Maintenance

Everything that we put into our daily use requires maintenance and cleaning, either it is in your home or your car, if you use it, you need to ensure its performance stays satisfactory and order to do that, you need to be vigilant about the performance and condition of your equipment. When it comes to woodworking, you deal with a lot of delicate tools which can cost you a lot if you don’t take care in a timely and proper manner. The problem is that most of the people that own such tools are like collectors, they devote all their attention and money in obtaining the best of the tools and setting them up but pay no attention when it comes to taking care of them. The foremost reason behind such negligence is that people tend to believe maintenance will cost them a fortune because it demands distinct and expensive machinery involving intricate processes that’ll only waste their time. Well that’s all a myth because just with some investment in maintenance tools and supplies, you can ensure that your tools’ performance stay at peak.

In its most basic meaning, maintenance is the art of keeping the performance of your tools at a high level and that’s a must if you are a woodworker on a professional level because your tools will define your profits and losses as well.

1. Keeping Pointy Things Pointy

saw bladesIt comes not as a surprise that most of the tools in a woodshop are sharp or pointy because they are built to cut, rip or drill wood. If the edges wear out, not only your tools will waste the energy because of it bluntness but it’ll also ruin your project, the class of your project depends upon its accuracy and preciseness and there are a lot of things you can do to maintain the edge of your tools that also gives you the edge when it comes to woodworking. The first thing that should always be sharp are your saw blades, the table saw is the heart of every woodshop which means its blade is what decides the quality of your work. The best way to maintain your blades is to pay a professional to sharpen them but make sure you buy the blades that can go through long periods of working in between these sharpening procedures. Alternatively, you can go to The Sharp Cut to find the information to do it yourself.

Router bits can’t be restored once blunted or severed, which means you need to get new ones and that is a good reason not to go for the cheap ones because spending a bit more can get you the ones that can run for years. A dull drill bit can be a nightmare, it can leave distorted hole and might also burn the wood because even the best drill bits will be blunted after a certain period of time. There is special equipment out there just to sharpen drill bits and if you work a lot with drills, it’s worthy of your consideration.

2. Keeping Them Accurate

The accuracy is the most important aspect when it comes to woodworking, either it’s manufactured at home or in a factory. If your tools have lost their capability to give correct readings, your whole project at hand might be ruined and this is quite probable because all your machines are vibrating vigorously while in operation which make it prone to going out of alignment. The kernel of your shop, your table saw needs attention because if the blade goes out of alignment with the miter slot, it’ll ruin your work and might also cause a safety hazard. You can also enhance the performance of your band saw by adding a guiding system.

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Screen Actors Guild Hairstyles Anyone Can Have

Awards shows are a great place for celebrities to show off their new stunning looks and this year’s Screen Actors Guild awards was flooded with a lot of celebrities rocking their new and bold fashion styles. This year, the celebrities really brought in their best looks at the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild awards. There were a lot of celebrities with bold and chic looks bringing all the heat to the red carpet. Many celebrities were beautifully dressed and worn many different hairstyles. So, considering the number of stylish hairstyles, we have tried to shorten the list to only the top ones that were really great. You can also copy these hairstyles if you want to because there’s a short styling guide below each and every hairstyle.

1. Kiera Knightley’s Half Pony

Keira Knightley's Hair StyleKiera Knightley is definitely the one to look for at the red carpet. She is always bringing in great fashion looks and is always one of the best dressed celebrities at the red carpet. While her dressing was spectacular at the Screen Actors Guild awards’ red carpet, her hairstyle was really up to the mark too. Her hair was done in a half pony and were really giving that relaxed and comfortable look.
If you want to copy her hairstyle, then firstly create a center parting on your dry hair. Now apply a heat protection to your hair before working with hot items. After that, take a flat iron and use it to create curls on your hair. Make sure that you create curls in different directions, for example, one curl should go towards your face and one away from your face. Now, leave two small sections around your face on both side and then gather the top of your hair into a half ponytail and secure it with pins. Lastly, spray your hair with a hair setting spray.

2. Sarah Hyland’s Textured Bun

Sarah Hyland Hair StyleSarah Hyland is always a pro at the red carpet and without a doubt, she proved it at the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild awards this year. Her outfit was great but her hairstyle was really stunning and got the attraction of many. The textured bun was so awesome that her hairstylist gave instructions on how he did it.
To try her hairstyle, firstly apply a conditioner to wet hair. Now, apply a smoothing lotion to your hair and then comb your hair so that the product gets distributed throughout the hair. After that, blow dry your hair and then use a flat iron to make the hair smooth. Create a side part and then use a brush to create a high ponytail securing it with an elastic. Then repeat these steps and secure it into a low ponytail. Apply a product for texture and then finish with a hair setting spray.

3. Ariel Winter’s Side Parted Waves

Ariel Winter hair styleAriel Winter is just 16 years old and she was looking all grown up at the red carpet. Her outfit was really great and her hair were done in the right way too, which was complimenting her outfit. Her hair were done in soft waves that were slightly side parted.

If you want to get her hairstyle, then firstly begin with dry hair and create a side part. Now apply a heat protectant to your hair and then use a curling iron to create curls. Just make sure that all the curls are going in the same direction. After you are done with the curling iron, use a brush to soften the curls. Set the hair with a finishing spray.

For more styling tips, you can go to Hair Straightener Studio.

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Why Modern Manufacturing does Not Require a Factory

3D printer

Yes, you heard it right, now you can manufacture various goods without doing a lot of investment in setting up a factory. You can start turning plastic into profit immediately, and this can only be possible with the help of a 3D printer. Also referred to as additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping, the 3D printing technology, offers you a unique opportunity to manufacture any product imaginable under the sun.

Most of us link manufacturing process with production lines, factories, machine tools and economies of scale. However, this is quickly changing because of the technological advances in the world of 3D printing. Now there is no need of assembly lines, factories and tools to manufacture products. The 3D printing technology allows you to make toys, parts, tools and appliances using a wide variety of material, especially plastic and metal. There is simply no need to setup a factory and hire workforce to take care of the assembly line.

Additive Manufacturing

All you need now is a computer and a 3D printer. Once you are done making a three dimensional model of the product, you can click the print button to send it to the printer and let it take care of the manufacturing process. According to Lady 3D, 3D printers works by putting down material (plastic or metal) layer by layer in the three dimensional pattern till the desired object is formed. The printed material will look exactly the same as the original design.

The products created by using the additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping process are much lighter and stronger and are made as per the exact specifications and details. Another great thing about additive manufacturing is that the products are cheaper, since there are no overheads involved in this type of manufacturing process.

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