Celebrate Black History Month to Make African-Inspired Delicacies

Food processors are the ultimate kitchen heroes; they can slice, dice and whip dips and creams in no time. That’s the easy part for us to know, especially those of us who are Luddites when it comes to using the latest cutting-edge technologies for home and kitchen.

The food processor is one of those tools in the kitchen that can multi-task. A contemporary cook cannot live without a food processor especially with all the ingredients that need to be sliced and chopped before you can make any meal work. With a food processor, you can cut down your preparation time in half, enabling you to complete your gourmet meal stress-free. Unlike blenders, food processors utilize blades and discs that can be interchanged to suit the food type.

If you are like many people that have not used their food processors in a while, or are the ones who didn’t think it was possible to create African-themed food with it, well, fret no more – we’ll show you 5 ways you could maximize the use of your food processor to make some of the most sumptuous African-inspired recipes and desserts.

After all what’s a better way to celebrate Black History Month than whipping a batch of African specialties such as nut butters, Ethiopian kitfo, or making hummus? Let’s find out just how powerful that little food processor can be.Make Homemade Nut Or Vegetable Butters.

1. Make Homemade Nut Or Vegetable Butters.

With a food processor, you can transform butternut or pumpkin into a smooth, creamy consistency. The food processor ensures that the texture is perfect depending on the meal you intend to prepare. The pumpkin or nut butter can be used in wholesome desserts such as in oatmeal pumpkin cookies.

2. Grind Meat For Traditional African Meat Dishes.

Mincing meat for a food processor is easy. Whether salmon, or beef for a burger, food processors result in meat grinds that have a superior texture compared to the ground meat that you would typically find in a supermarket. Additionally, you can add your spices and olive oil to thee mixture to ensure that your product is moist and flavorful. Ground meats can be used to make spicy African curries, or burgers for a good old fashioned African barbecue.

3. Finely Texture Your Vegetables For Side Dishes.

With the abundance of green and leafy veggies in Africa, finding creative ways to cook and present them to your guest can be a bit difficult. However, with a food processor, you can grind veggies to whichever consistency you prefer. Carrots especially are easy to grind via a food processor. You can use the carrots for a leafy garden salad, or you can add some sweet pineapples and dates for a yummy and healthy sugary treat.

4. Make Perfect Hummus, Every Single Time.

Hummus is an Egyptian dip that is made from chickpeas and various other beans. While it won’t help with your diet, Hummus made from a food processor is better than the same version purchased from a food store. With a food processor, you can make it as light or as thick as you need it to be.

5. Grind Nuts For All Purposes The Right Way.

Food processors are by far the most convenient way to chop nuts at home. You can chop an assortment of nuts and sprinkle them over a salad or an ice cream for an enhanced flavor. And no other cuisine uses peanuts as much as African cuisines – one need only look at the nut-based soups and stews from West Africa for proof.

Your food processor is a powerful tool – it’s every kitchen’s secret weapon. Its influence, as you can plainly see at mrsfoodprep.com, in the context of modern and daily food preparation is something we should maximize. And once you impress your friends with your hummus that will soon be the talk of the town, you’ll be thankful you had one.

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