Screen Actors Guild Hairstyles Anyone Can Have

Awards shows are a great place for celebrities to show off their new stunning looks and this year’s Screen Actors Guild awards was flooded with a lot of celebrities rocking their new and bold fashion styles. This year, the celebrities really brought in their best looks at the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild awards. There were a lot of celebrities with bold and chic looks bringing all the heat to the red carpet. Many celebrities were beautifully dressed and worn many different hairstyles. So, considering the number of stylish hairstyles, we have tried to shorten the list to only the top ones that were really great. You can also copy these hairstyles if you want to because there’s a short styling guide below each and every hairstyle.

1. Kiera Knightley’s Half Pony

Keira Knightley's Hair StyleKiera Knightley is definitely the one to look for at the red carpet. She is always bringing in great fashion looks and is always one of the best dressed celebrities at the red carpet. While her dressing was spectacular at the Screen Actors Guild awards’ red carpet, her hairstyle was really up to the mark too. Her hair was done in a half pony and were really giving that relaxed and comfortable look.
If you want to copy her hairstyle, then firstly create a center parting on your dry hair. Now apply a heat protection to your hair before working with hot items. After that, take a flat iron and use it to create curls on your hair. Make sure that you create curls in different directions, for example, one curl should go towards your face and one away from your face. Now, leave two small sections around your face on both side and then gather the top of your hair into a half ponytail and secure it with pins. Lastly, spray your hair with a hair setting spray.

2. Sarah Hyland’s Textured Bun

Sarah Hyland Hair StyleSarah Hyland is always a pro at the red carpet and without a doubt, she proved it at the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild awards this year. Her outfit was great but her hairstyle was really stunning and got the attraction of many. The textured bun was so awesome that her hairstylist gave instructions on how he did it.
To try her hairstyle, firstly apply a conditioner to wet hair. Now, apply a smoothing lotion to your hair and then comb your hair so that the product gets distributed throughout the hair. After that, blow dry your hair and then use a flat iron to make the hair smooth. Create a side part and then use a brush to create a high ponytail securing it with an elastic. Then repeat these steps and secure it into a low ponytail. Apply a product for texture and then finish with a hair setting spray.

3. Ariel Winter’s Side Parted Waves

Ariel Winter hair styleAriel Winter is just 16 years old and she was looking all grown up at the red carpet. Her outfit was really great and her hair were done in the right way too, which was complimenting her outfit. Her hair were done in soft waves that were slightly side parted.

If you want to get her hairstyle, then firstly begin with dry hair and create a side part. Now apply a heat protectant to your hair and then use a curling iron to create curls. Just make sure that all the curls are going in the same direction. After you are done with the curling iron, use a brush to soften the curls. Set the hair with a finishing spray.

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