Woodworking Tool Maintenance

Everything that we put into our daily use requires maintenance and cleaning, either it is in your home or your car, if you use it, you need to ensure its performance stays satisfactory and order to do that, you need to be vigilant about the performance and condition of your equipment. When it comes to woodworking, you deal with a lot of delicate tools which can cost you a lot if you don’t take care in a timely and proper manner. The problem is that most of the people that own such tools are like collectors, they devote all their attention and money in obtaining the best of the tools and setting them up but pay no attention when it comes to taking care of them. The foremost reason behind such negligence is that people tend to believe maintenance will cost them a fortune because it demands distinct and expensive machinery involving intricate processes that’ll only waste their time. Well that’s all a myth because just with some investment in maintenance tools and supplies, you can ensure that your tools’ performance stay at peak.

In its most basic meaning, maintenance is the art of keeping the performance of your tools at a high level and that’s a must if you are a woodworker on a professional level because your tools will define your profits and losses as well.

1. Keeping Pointy Things Pointy

saw bladesIt comes not as a surprise that most of the tools in a woodshop are sharp or pointy because they are built to cut, rip or drill wood. If the edges wear out, not only your tools will waste the energy because of it bluntness but it’ll also ruin your project, the class of your project depends upon its accuracy and preciseness and there are a lot of things you can do to maintain the edge of your tools that also gives you the edge when it comes to woodworking. The first thing that should always be sharp are your saw blades, the table saw is the heart of every woodshop which means its blade is what decides the quality of your work. The best way to maintain your blades is to pay a professional to sharpen them but make sure you buy the blades that can go through long periods of working in between these sharpening procedures. Alternatively, you can go to The Sharp Cut to find the information to do it yourself.

Router bits can’t be restored once blunted or severed, which means you need to get new ones and that is a good reason not to go for the cheap ones because spending a bit more can get you the ones that can run for years. A dull drill bit can be a nightmare, it can leave distorted hole and might also burn the wood because even the best drill bits will be blunted after a certain period of time. There is special equipment out there just to sharpen drill bits and if you work a lot with drills, it’s worthy of your consideration.

2. Keeping Them Accurate

The accuracy is the most important aspect when it comes to woodworking, either it’s manufactured at home or in a factory. If your tools have lost their capability to give correct readings, your whole project at hand might be ruined and this is quite probable because all your machines are vibrating vigorously while in operation which make it prone to going out of alignment. The kernel of your shop, your table saw needs attention because if the blade goes out of alignment with the miter slot, it’ll ruin your work and might also cause a safety hazard. You can also enhance the performance of your band saw by adding a guiding system.